Difficult Horse Zayin 1 - Start of a Trusting Relationship

Gabi Neurohr Training Horse Zayin

Zayin is a 6-year-old Anglo Arabian gelding. He was started when he was 3 years old, but due to some physical issues and lack of time, he was never ridden much. Additionally to that, he is a very hot and sensitive, at times very emotional horse. He is known to be rather sensitive to the cinch and the rider's leg, with a tendency to kick and buck.

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Difficult Horse Zayin 2 - Gain more Body - Awareness

Gabi Neurohr Training Horse-Zayin gets emotional

Zayin and I are starting to become friends. He made big progress in giving me his trust that he could achieve everything I ask of him. I started to address his issues with the cinch and his emotional baggage connected to it by using the Figure 8 rope. This at the same time helped his physical relaxation and balance.

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Difficult Horse Zayin 5 - Riding an Explosive Horse

Gabi Neurohr Problem Horses - Zayin starts to buck

Zayin had the treatments necessary for his physical issues. Now I have to ride him every day to support his rehabilitation. His fragile emotions and spookiness make this a challenging task. I use a few strategies to help him stay connected and reasonably calm.

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