My Training Horse Tadjik - Week 1

Gabi Neurohr Training Horses - Case Study Tadjik

Tadjik will be 3 years old this spring, and he is with me in training since 1.February.  His father is an Anglo-Arabian and his mother is a Belgian jumping mare.  He is a nicely spirited Left brain extrovert, playful and sensitive but very down to earth and kind natured. 

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Tadjik – Week 2

Gabi Neurohr Training Horse Tadjik

Tadjik is really settling down in the new environment, becoming very playful and funny. This week we played a lot with cavalettis and he got his first introduction to jumping gymnastics.

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Tadjik - week 3

Gabi Neurohr Horse Training - Jumping Gymnastic

Tadjik feels like vacation in comparison to Zayin! He is so nice, happy and clear in his mind, it is just pure bliss to work with him! He is saying hello to everybody passing his stable, coming with ears forward when I call him for his daily play and is simply a happy little boy. 

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Tadjik - week 4

Gabi Neurohr Horse Training - Trail Ride Program

This week Tadjik had a lot of variety! I took him out into the forest next to Sahel two times. He is obviously used to doing that, which I knew. What he didn’t know so well is forest and the animals we have in our forest.

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