Young Horse Education - Tara Learns Trailer Loading [Slideshow]

Gabi Neurohr Young Horse Education - Shagya filli Tara in the horse truck

I had done several different preparational exercises with Tara for Trailer Loading. She mastered them all and I know she is well prepared to take the next step.

I asked Mathilde to come with Youshka to be the good example. I choose to let Tara learn by imitation, rather than just me explaining to her what to do. It will make things easier for Tara.

Trailer loading can be such a difficult topic. Even horses who have been loading well at first easily get difficult after a few trips if we don’t take the time to explain every part of it to them.

Today she will learn the first necessary skills for trouble-free trailer loading. How to turn and place herself in our horse truck, how to walk down the ramp step by step and how to back out of the trailer with confidence. Often we forget to teach these little things who might cause worry to the horse.

Discover in the pictures how Tara learn the skill of trailer loading!


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