Young Horse Education - Tara Prepares for Trailer Loading [Slideshow]

Gabi Neurohr Young Horse Education - leading Shagya filly from zone 3

Just imagine your horse needs to go to the vet due to an emergency. Your horse is in pain, you are stressed, nerves are blank, and you never loaded your horse into the trailer! On top, it has to happen NOW. It might work out just fine, but chances are big that it won’t. It happened to me in the past, that’s why I teach all my horses to load easily and without stress early on.

As the trailer is the ultimate squeeze, I like to do some little preparations. If Tara can trust me with easier things, the trailer will be less of an issue.

These are my preparatory exercises:

  • walk through a squeeze I built with a tarp
  • stop in the squeeze and relax
  • walk over the noisy bridge - trust strange surfaces
  • learn to sort out the feet on the pedestal

Tara is very curious and trusting, ready to explore new things. On Tara’s side is Youshka, she is the lead mare in Tara’s herd. I will take advantage of Youshka’s good trailer loading skills and use her as a role model for Tara. Horses learn easily by imitating their older and trusted herd members, especially when they are still young or inexperienced.


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