Young Horse Education - Tara is Learning to Leave the Herd [Slideshow]

Gabi Neurohr Young Horse Education - Shagya filly Tara investigates a bike

Every time I take her, I keep the same routine - I give her consistency which makes her feel safe. I really don’t do much with her. It’s all about allowing her to make her experiences and see different things. Each time just takes us maybe 20 minutes. She is such a sweet and willing girl by nature, I don’t try to teach her anything - she is learning by experience all by herself.

I would like to encourage Tara`s curiosity and let her explore things. Whatever she would like to look at, she can. I will keep her safe and out of trouble - she can’t know yet what surface is slippery or that she can get stuck with her halter somewhere.

On our little journey we will also meet other horses she doesn’t know. I would like that she learns to say hello to others politely and without fear. When I go and visit the arena, I don’t ask anything of her. I let her explore and follow her like a shadow.

My main goal is that she has a nice and interesting time. I love it when a horse is looking forward to our time together and meets me at the gate. It is about creating a positive pattern.

Click through the pictures to see how Tara gains confidence in leaving the herd


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