My Training Horse Tadjik - Week 1

Gabi Neurohr Training Horses - Case Study Tadjik

Tadjik will be 3 years old this spring, and he is with me in training since 1.February.  His father is an Anglo-Arabian and his mother is a Belgian jumping mare.  He is a nicely spirited Left brain extrovert, playful and sensitive but very down to earth and kind natured. 

Tadjik was already very lightly started last summer, meaning he accepted the saddle, cinch and the rider for about 5 short rides. On the ground he knows a solid Level 2 Parelli with a very nice and willing attitude. He is well socialized with good manners and pretty confident in people and in learning. All in all he is a great and talented young horse.

The purpose of him coming to me is:

  • Introducing him to regular work
  • Building him up physically – but slowly and according to his young age
  • Encouraging his talents as a riding horse
  • Giving him life experience and increasing his confidence in himself
  • Later on also give him a good riding foundation

First impressions after 1 week:

He was very insecure when I took him out without his friend Zayin – he kept calling during almost the whole session. So during the following 4 sessions I only focused on him becoming confident leaving the stables without Zayin and being able to focus on me and some easy things to do. I took him for a 10 min walk around the property and then return into the stables so he could come back to his comfort zone. I did this 3 times during the first session, and ended with 15 minutes of light and focused play in the arena without him calling. It was very obvious how relieved he was each time we returned to his friend. On the 4th session of doing this, I only needed to go for one 10 min walk and return, after that I could play with him in the arena without a single call. He stayed completely focused on me, was playful and happy. 

The goals of this first week for me was:

  • to allow him to become confident with me and with the new circumstances 
  • to explore a bit what he already knows and what his physical capabilities are. He is already stretching very nicely forward down at the trot, is at ease with cavaletti work and has a lovely balance for a horse that age at the canter.