Horses Problem Solving - Zarena Doesn’t Load Into the Trailer

Last year in April I bought my mare Zarena. I knew she didn’t necessarily have a lot of groundwork or riding experience, but that did not stop me from buying her.

Everything was fine until I was confronted with a problem I had never had to deal with as a horse owner; my mare absolutely refused to load into the trailer and that two hours away from home after a training session. It took us more than four hours until finally, she was inside.

I lost hope in competing in competitions and making trail rides by the lake. The idea that she would one day go into the trailer or van seemed impossible, I felt lost and helpless.

Very soon after, a horse urgently needed to be transported to the Clinique and that made me realize: If ever there would be an emergency, I am completely unable to transport my mare. I have to find a solution.

So I consulted my friend Google: problems trailer loading horses. One of the sites that popped up was the one from Haras du Plessis. I scanned the pages and found their philosophy very interesting.

Reading the testimonials convinced me that I had found the right place. A few phone calls later, a date was fixed and my stay at the Plessis scheduled.

Gabi already loaded Zarena into the truck in the first session. Gabi taught me to give proper demands without rushing things, how to be gentle and firm at the same time.

I could not believe my eyes. In that moment I changed my mindset entirely: it was no longer ‘She doesn’t want to go into the trailer’, but ‘What fear does she have that keeps her from trailer loading?’.

By loading her into different trucks and trailers and going to different places, loading her became very easy.

Gabi Neurohr Horse Training - horse walks into trailer

Gabi is excellent at listening and she is very precise in her explanations.

I learned so much about my mare, how she is thinking and processing. Most importantly I learned a lot about myself.

Go and simply try to do things instead to giving up by fear of doing something wrong.

Through these simple, precise but especially understandable requests, the knot in our relationship started to untangle little by little.

This makes me smile because even when tightened, the knot in a rope halter can be undone.

And this is what Gabi taught me; how to tie the correct knot.

Merci Beaucoup, 



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