Shimmering Princesse - The Customer Feedback

Gab Neurohr Horse Education - Quarter Horse mare ridden in canter

I was looking for someone to start my home bred Quater Horse filly Shimmering Princess under saddle. But for me, the place and the care counted equally important as the actual horse training done.

I discovered Gabi and the Haras du Plessis and it proved to be the good trainer and the good place for Princess.

Princess is a mare with a real character. Gabi knew how to establish a good communication with her and could explain to me how I should deal with Princess myself.

I came a few times, and within just those few sessions I have been amazed by the progress of my mare. On some other places, people would have told me that 30 sessions were required for the same result. I could even see the change in her eyes. Her behaviour changed so much. Gabi really gets results, she knows how to ask for them to the horse. But you can feel she is not someone who will get angry or mad, and this is very important.

All this while respecting the physical development of my filly who was in a period of growth. As the result, I had a 3-year-old mare who went alone on trail rides in just a halter or just in a simple snaffle. Now with 5 years she still has the good basic foundation taught by Gabi and continues to progress. A good start is really everything for a young horse! Thank you, soo much Gabi 



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