Colt Starting - Shimmering Princess - The End of her Start under Saddle [Slideshow]

Gabi Neurohr Colt Starting - Quarter Horse mare with green ball

To start a young horse to me is much more than just teach him to accept the saddle and to carry a rider on his back.

These are my goals for starting a horse:

- the horse becomes confident as a learner,
- to build respect without fear and
- to preserve its curiosity and dignity.

The horse should be easy to handle on an everyday basis. It should be understanding and confident in people and itself. It is up to me to show the horse all different aspects of being a successful partner to their human.

Princess has reached the end of her start under saddle. She had in total 18 rides, of which none was longer than 20 minutes to make sure to not over stress her physics. After all, at this stage, it is the mind that needs training, not the body. As she is only turning 3, I chose to not canter her yet.

Click through the pictures to see all the things Princess learnt during her colt start.


Engage mentally and win the heart

Horses learn so fast if we encourage them to be involved in the process. Princess is a great example how important it is to engage them mentally and to win their heart. No fight, no fuss, lots of progress and a mare who wants to give her best.


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