Colt Starting - Shimmering Princess - Preparations for the First Ride [Slideshow]

Gabi Neurohr Colt Starting - Quarter horse mare Shimmering Princess

She is a very smart and sometimes opinionated mare. It was very important to the owner, that she would be with a trainer who would educate her with respect for her personality. 

Princess is now at the Plessis for 2 weeks and has learnt essential skills on the ground. These skills will give her the necessary preparation for her first ride.

I focused on winning their interest and heart - Princess has to think that my ideas are interesting!

Click through the pictures to learn what I did with her to win her interest and heart. But also to make sure that she will be attentive and willing when I ride her for the first time.


 A whole Body Friendly Game

Accepting a rider on the back for the first time shouldn’t be scary. It can be done so nicely together and in communication with the horse. After all, it is just another form of friendly game - a whole body friendly game.


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