Colt Starting Dancing - Exploring the Forest [Slideshow]

Gabi Neurohr Pre Saddle Training - Confidence in the Forest

After 1 week, Dancing knows all 7 games on the ground and accepted the cinch and bareback pad. She is learning very very fast, so I have to keep things interesting for her. I decided it was time for a walk in the forest. 

I played with her a little bit in the arena first, to make sure she was calm, connected and responsive first. We played a few touch it, and after a bit of trotting and changes of direction, I put the bareback pad and cinch on her. Dancing is standing still like a pro and accepts the cinch very well.

The first 2 times she still rounded the back a little bit but this day, she trotted off with ears forward, giving green light to proceed. 

So, off we went in our beautiful forest. As she already went a lot on walks with her owner, I chose to go off the path and give her a few obstacles. We crossed a few ditches, several trunks and played stick to me between the trees. She had a lot of fun, and me too!

What a nice horse, so connected, so interested and learning so quickly. Dancing is thinking everything through, she pays a lot of attention to where she puts her feet. 

Follow Dancing through the forest!


After a while, we reached a big ditch filled with water. I knew that the ground was good at that spot so a took the opportunity to check if she would go into the water.

She was a bit sceptical at first, mostly trying to walk on top of me - the spot must be safe because I am standing on it - obvious no? After 5 minutes of approach and retreat and lots of praise for every little try, she suddenly went in without hesitation all the way! 

Next weeks program will be learning to pony and come on faster trail rides. 


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