Foal Education - Maserati Kindergarten Time - Exploring New Things [Slideshow]

Gabi Neurohr Young Horse Training - foal Maserati explores a log

So many first times for Maserati today! First time exploring water, first time trailer loading, jumping a big log and walking in the forest. This first walk is all about creating good first impressions of potentially scary things.

After all, it’s the first impression that counts most!
I want him to explore unknown things, meet them with curiosity and make the experience that even things which look scary at first, are harmless in the end.

My Keys to make his First Walk a Success

Mathilde is helping me by leading Maserati’s mother Mazirah. I asked her to look back often so that she can adapt speed or stop when needed. Maserati can choose where he wants to walk, behind or next to Mazirah.

I will keep the rope relaxed but short enough that I can easily and safely control him if needed. I will allow and encourage his curiosity and when he feels too afraid he is allowed to stop or retreat to a distance that feels safe to him.

Follow Maserati on his first walk!




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