Foal Education - Maserati's Kindergarten Time - Leading [Slideshow]

Gabi Neurohr Young Horse Training - leading a foal

The next task on Maserati´s To - Learn - List is leading. There are many ways to teach this, and I just want to share with you what worked for me at that moment.

Maserati is very cute but also very playful and not always perfectly well-behaved. I want to show you also how it sometimes looks between the perfect pictures.

I had already quite a lot of people ask me what to do when the foal rears or pulls against the halter. I am sure everybody who already had a foal - especially a colt - already experienced some kind of demonstrative behaviour.

Not everything looks always perfect - it is about how we react to it what we do with it.

My goals are, that he understands:

  • how to put his nose over the lead rope (not eat it)
  • how to release the pressure of the halter
  • how to follow the feel of halter and lead rope
  • that the big idea is to follow the human

When doing these exercises, I always stay in his known environment. Maserati´s mom and his other herd mates are always close by. This will help him to feel safe - the first condition to make learning possible.

Click through the pictures for more detailed descriptions!


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