Problem Horses - Aslan's Story 2 - Overcoming his Flight Instinct [Slideshow]

Gabi Neurohr Problem Horses - Aslan is afraid

I still work with him in the pasture because I want to have a certain degree of language and trust before I take him out of his known environment.

Acceptance of the flag while moving

Unfortunately, we don’t have pictures of the second session where he touched the flag after about 10 min and progressively allowed me to touch him all over his body.

During this third session, I started to work on his acceptance of the flag while moving. This can be a big step for many horses – friendly games might be ok while standing still, but as soon as the horses are moving, things tend to get difficult. Aslan still takes a very long time to lick and chew and to relax on things.

I help him to process better with the use of repetitive sequences – I will explain with the picture what I mean with this. Aslan is a high spirited Right Brain introvert/extrovert Horsenality, so he needs a lot of repetition and consistency.

The technique of repetitive sequences

It doesn’t work for him to keep doing a friendly game until he would show signs of relaxation – so I chose the technique of repetitive sequences. I repeat exactly the same thing about 3 times in a row, then I give him time to think.

This worked a lot better – he kind of realised with each repetition that I was not hurting him and that he was still ok afterwards. So yes, I quit a lot of times when he is not 100% relaxed, but as he makes the experience that he was ok, he relaxes about it afterwards and is way better the next time I repeat the sequence.

Here are the pictures with description of Aslan's third session.


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