Problem Horses - Aslan's Story 3 - Change of Environment [Slideshow]

Gabi Neurohr Problem Horses - Aslan for the first time in our riding arena

Horses are very susceptible to changes, especially environment. Until now, I worked with Aslan in his field. He has gained enough confidence in me and my tools that I took him into our outdoor arena. I wanted to see if he was only afraid of people and training in general or if he also had environmental fears.

Aslan has gained a lot of trust in me and what I do with him, so I thought it was time to bring him to our big outdoor arena – which he didn’t know yet.

I also wanted to check if he was environmentally spooky or not and how he reacts to the different environment. For some horses, this can be a big deal.

Aslan showed me that he was not afraid of his environment – meaning he is not the type of horse who will spook of big rocks, trunks, bushes or different animals. He was really brave on the way.

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