Foundation Training - Kanna learns Lightness and Flexibility [Slideshow]

Gabi Neurohr Horse Training - Kanna learns to stretch

Kanna is since 3 weeks my training horse and she is learning lots about following a feel and flexibility. Why would it be important for a leisure horse to learn how to bend?

If one of those symptoms sounds familiar to you, your horse might also benefit from learning how to move in a more balanced way:

  1. falling in with the shoulder in turns,
  2. pulling on the rope while circling,
  3. difficulty with cantering,
  4. hard to turn or to have precise direction,
  5. unwilling to go forward or rushing.

All these symptoms are signs that your horse might feel unbalanced with the rider on top. As horses weren´t born with a human on their backs, we should show them how to use their body in a way that they can do their job more comfortably.

The slideshow explains how to start this process on the ground.


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