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Gabi Neurohr with her Shagya Arabian mare Mayana at liberty


I offer horse training in several different areas but all with the same approach. Based on Natural Horsemanship Principles I will always respect the nature of the horse and take it's emotional, mental and physical condition into account. The outcome is a horse who understands what we expect, who is calm and connected and physically able to do his work. One very important cornerstone of my work is to involve the owner in the process and make sure to create a good partnership.

1. Every Horse is unique for me!

Because every horse is different, no horse is treated the same. I will adapt my approach according to each horse’s unique character, the speed of learning, confidence level and past experiences. The result is an open-minded horse, who enjoys learning and interacting with people. I have learned to read horses body language through all the experience I have gathered over the past years.

I worked with many different types of horses who have had all kinds of issues and personalities. “Crazy”, lazy, introverted, extroverted, stubborn, fearful or just super smart, I will be able to read your horse correctly. Only then horses can feel safe, will trust and respect me. This is the foundation for joyful learning.

2. My training approach is based on Natural Horsemanship combined with elements of Classical Dressage

I use Natural Horsemanship principles and strategies in my training to achieve best mental and emotional learning. I will also pay attention to the physical development of the horses by applying elements of Classical Dressage. For all horses who are supposed to become a riding horse, it is important to learn rhythm, relaxation and contact in their Foundation Training. I will teach your horse to move with healthy biomechanics on the ground so he will be better prepared to carry the rider.

3. No secrets! You will be involved in your horse's training process!

I will involve you as much as possible in your horse's training process and invite you to watch training sessions. I will explain key moments as they happen and answer any questions you may have. It is important that you take lessons together with your horse. I will give you a plan so you know how to continue when your horse is back home.

As I have huge knowledge about Natural Hoof Care, Horse Nutrition, Saddle fitting and Biomechanics, I turn into a real detective when it comes to finding the source of a problem. I always do my best that the horses in my care feel good physically, mentally and emotionally.

Haras Naturel du Plessis

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Gabi Neurohr with Shagya Arabian mare Mayana on trail ride

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